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Ask an Astrophysicist

Astrophysicist and assistant professor at UCSD, Dr. Karin Sandstrom joins us at Teros Gallery to talk about the Universe. Delve deeper into the cosmic objects that Melissa Walter has represented in "A New Stellar Order," which is currently on exhibit through June 18th. Or just ask the questions you've had about the wonders of space. 

Professor Sandstrom's main interest of research is in the interstellar medium: the gas and dust between the stars in a galaxy. In particular, she is interested in the properties of interstellar dust—how dust properties evolve over time, vary within and among galaxies, and how they influence the physics of the interstellar medium.

We'll have beers to go along with your new intergallactic knowledge!

Teros Gallery
3888 Swift Ave., San Diego
7pm - 9pm

Later Event: June 18
Closing Reception