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A New Stellar Order - Works by Melissa Walter

  • Teros Gallery 3888 Swift Avenue San Diego, CA, 92104 United States (map)

An incredible 96% of the Universe remains a mystery to us. But within the 4% that we have observed, and only begun to understand, are exploding stars, merging galaxies, black hole mysteries, and our own home planet. 

As a science illustrator for NASA, I create images that are literal interpretations of astronomical theories produced by some of our brightest scientific minds. In the past 20 years, I’ve crafted intricate views of stars being sucked into black holes, and quasars at the center of an elliptical galaxy. My celestial vistas have always been designed to be clear depictions that intentionally leave little to the imagination.

Until now.

With “A New Stellar Order,” I have stepped away from the literal to provide an abstract view into the cosmos. Each geometric form connects to a grand cosmic object by highlighting its innate qualities—the outward movement of a supernova or the denseness of a neutron star. These visual worlds can also be observed as universes unto themselves. Conversely, one can fall into the intricate patterns and connect to the micro as well as the macro. 

This series is my homage to the extraordinary wonders of the Universe… at least the 4% we have discovered thus far. 


Teros Gallery invites you to see this new interpretation of our Universe.

Opening Reception
Thursday, May 26, 2016
5pm – 11pm

Teros Gallery
3888 Swift Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104


Later Event: June 3
Ask an Astrophysicist